Volunteer Opportunity at Chalmette National Cemetery!

The National Park Service, the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, with sponsorship from D/2 Biological Solution, is sponsoring this year’s Volunteer Month (March 7–April 1, 2016) at Chalmette National Cemetery in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.  This special National Cemetery is located less than an hour outside of New Orleans.  It contains headstones of American soldiers from the Civil War, Spanish American Wars, and the World Wars.

Volunteers are needed to document, realign, and clean headstones in the cemetery.  Hands-on training of all volunteers in gravestone restoration and preservation including cleaning and leveling will take place on site.  In fact, Cemetery Preservation Supply LLC and Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC craftsperson, James “Rusty” Brenner, will be onsite volunteering and training volunteers from March 14, 2016 through March 19, 2016 – we would love to see you out there!

Volunteer to Restore Gravestones in Chalmette National Cemetery

Volunteer to Restore Gravestones in Chalmette National Cemetery

If you can’t volunteer for the hands-on work, you can get involved by promoting this worthy cause on your website.  Please give this great cause a shout out on your social media or your blog!

Click here to sign up to volunteer, get more information, or to download a promotional kit!

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Thank you for getting involved to preserve the past and build the future.

We would love to see you from March 14, 2016-March 19, 2016 at Chalmette National Cemetery outside of New Orleans when we will be on site volunteering!  Let us know if you plan to be there.  Also, we would love to hear from you if you promote the event on your social media or blog or through your local historical or genealogical organization.